Friday 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas from all of us at PBGS!

Have a wonderful Christmas and see you all in the new year for our sparkling production of The Pirates of Penzance!

Friday 9 December 2016

New Committee

After our lively AGM on Tuesday, Santa Claus has been extra kind and brought PBGS a New Committee for Christmas and the New Year!

Chairman – Paula Fraser
Vice Chairman – Paul Kerswill
Secretary – Alice Bridges
Treasurer – Richard Fraser
Committee Members – Richard Dean, Stephen Hoath, Jon Newham, Vicki Rehm, Bryony Reynolds, Barny Shergold

Thanks to everyone willing to stand (and in some cases stand again). And many thanks to our retiring Secretary, David Crew, and Committee member Nicole Santelmann for all their hard work and commitment. 

The AGM was a cause of celebration, Anne and Tony Critchley were unanimously re-elected as our Presidents (no getting away now...) and three long serving and valuable PBGSers were made Honorary Life Members. We don't know where we'd be without Clive Wheeler, Paula Fraser and Richard Fraser, so many congratulations from all of us. You deserve it so much after years of working hard for us all.

Clive Wheeler as the Mikado
Paula Fraser as Josephine in HMS Pinafore
Richard Fraser in Jack the Ripper

Wednesday 30 November 2016

PBGS Christmas Meal

The PBGS Christmas celebrations have been planned for a festive gathering and food scoffing on:

at 7.45pm at The Raven, Village Street, Hexton, Hitchin SG5 3JB

All members are welcome to book their place and bring partners if you wish.

You can see the Christmas Menu here - we will need a deposit of £10 per person as soon as possible. The full cost of the meal is £24.95 for 3 courses.

Please place your order and make payments to Paula Fraser - email:, phone 07956 678720 or in person at rehearsals. If we know you will be there, we will reserve a place!

Looking forward to celebrating the season with you all!

Monday 28 November 2016

Pirates Cast

We now have a cast for our next production of The Pirates of Penzance. Well done to those who were successful and to all those that auditioned, the standard was extremely high for all parts and it gave the panel a very difficult task!

Frederick –  Shayn Dickens
Pirate King - Stephen Hoath 
Samuel - Richard Dean 
Major General Stanley - David Crew 
Sgt of Police - Jon Newham

Mabel - Liz Bottone 
Ruth - Sue Wookey 
Edith - Bryony Reynolds 
Kate - Emma Crew 
Isabel - Katharine Crew 
Acting Sgt of Police - Nicole Santelmann


Sunday 13 November 2016

Important Pirates Audition Update

A message from our director, Richard Fraser:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, todays Auditions for Pirates of Penzance had to be cancelled at the very last minute.

On behalf of the committee and the production team I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The auditions have now been re-scheduled for Sunday 27th November at 3pm.

If you are not able to make that date and still wish to be considered, then please let me know at soon as possible. We are currently planning to have Tuesday 22nd November as an alternative date when those not able to make the Sunday auditions will be videoed for the panel.

If you have already been videoed and now wish to audition live on the new date, please let me know so we can delete the video. None of the panel have seen these anyway.

In the meantime rehearsals for the next two Tuesday’s will continue as planned while I look at the impact this will have on the current schedule as we will have lost two weeks of principle work.  A revised schedule will be published at the earliest opportunity.


Tuesday 1 November 2016

Workshop reminder!

Just a reminder that Richard Syms, who directed our recent Merry Widow and our 2014 production of Into the Woods, is giving an acting workshop on the 12th November. Those of you who were in those productions will know how much fun it is to work with him and how he stretches us. This will be an enjoyable afternoon and a chance to hone those performance techniques!

You don't need to be a PBGS member to take part, just come along!

Richard's workshop will be at Streatley Village Hall, 12 November, 2pm-5pm, Cost: £5. Enquiries: 07946 264886.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Merry Widow Review

Nova Horley, our Noda Rep, has reviewed our recent prodution of The Merry Widow:
"I was interested that the Director had brought out much more humour in this version, which gave it dimension and interest.

The cast sang well, and the ensemble numbers were lively.

All in all an interesting and energetic version of an old favourite, with some well-sung performances from the various cast members."
Download a PDF of the full review here.

Sunday 16 October 2016

Acting workshop with Richard Syms

We have some exciting PBGS news - the chance to work on your acting skills with professional actor and director, Richard Syms. Richard directed our recent Merry Widow and our 2014 production of Into the Woods. Those of you who were in those productions will know how much fun it is to work with him and how he stretches us. This will be an enjoyable afternoon and a chance to hone those performance techniques!

Richard's workshop will be at Streatley Village Hall, 12 November, 2pm-5pm, Cost: £5. Enquiries: 07946 264886.


Sunday 9 October 2016

A Big Thank You!

A big, big thank you to our audiences for coming along to the Queen Mother Theatre and supporting us this week. Your cheers and applause really made The Merry Widow special. 

Our thanks also go to our Director, Richard Syms, Musical Director Jane Stott and Choreographer Vikki Rehm for your dedication and patience in getting the best out of us. Its been great fun. Not to  mention our tireless Stage Manager, Richard Fraser, for keeping us in line and working against the odds to get get the show off the ground, and the lovely Paula Fraser who costumed us up-to-the-nines in silks, suits, feathers and Pontevedrian ribbons. We all looked fab! Some of us wanted to keep them...

Our next production will be Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance which we will be presenting at The Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin from the 29th March - 1st April 2017. It's going to be a rip-roaring production with a twist! We look forward to seeing you all again there.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

One week until The Merry Widow opens!

Only one week to go! Our production of The Merry Widow opens at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin next Wednesday and runs until Saturday 8th October. Widow is full of glorious music, intrigue, waltzing and even a rip-roaring Can Can.
"Beautiful Anna’s late husband has left her a very rich woman. She’s so rich that the economy of Pontevedro depends on her marrying a local — so Baron Zeta springs into action with the help of his wife, Valencienne, to find Anna the right husband. It’s a tricky affair because Zeta wants it to be Count Danilo, an old flame, who has no intention of giving up bachelorhood, not with the Grisettes from Maxim’s around. Valencienne proposes Camille (who fancies Valencienne!) Rendezvous are rampant! Complications abound! Reputations are at stake and in the middle is poor Njegus, the Baron’s secretary, trying to prevent embarrassment all around. So who wins Anna’s heart? You’ll have to come and find out…."
Here is a little taster of some of the wonderful music Lehar wrote for Widow. Name that tune!

Book your tickets now for this very popular show to avoid disappointment!

Sunday 25 September 2016

PBGS on Three Counties Radio

PBGS is taking to the airwaves tomorrow on BBC's Three Counties Radio. Listen in at 3pm where Bryony Reynolds (The Merry Widow herself) and our choreographer, Vikki Rehm, will be talking to Nick Coffer about the show!

The Merry Widow runs from the 5th - 8th October. Book your tickets now for this very popular show directly from the Queen Mother Theatre Box Office.

Bryony rehearsing with Joe Emler (Camille)

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Noda Nominations!

Yet more Noda East District 3 Nominations! We are thrilled that our spring PBGS production of Princess Ida has garnered two in a new category - Best Adult Grouping in a Musical:

Ian Boughton, Barny, Shergold and Peter Johnson as the Soldier Trio and Gordon Hodges, Stephen Hoath and Joe Emler as Hilarion, Florian and Cyril. 

You can see their efforts below. Good luck guys!

Ian Boughton, Barny, Shergold and Peter Johnson as the Soldier Trio
Stephen Hoath and Joe Emler as Hilarion, Florian and Cyril

Monday 15 August 2016

Merry Widow rehearsal photos

Our rehearsals for our 5th - 8th October production of The Merry Widow are well under way, as you can see from these photos!

Joe Emler as Camille and Elizabeth Bottone as Valencienne
Ian Boughton as Vicomte Cascada
Our Director, Richard Syms, with Ian Boughton as Vicomte Cascada, Roy Bride as St. Brioche and Barny Shergold as Njegus
The Queen Mother Theatre Box Office is now open for Online Ordering. You can buy your Merry Widow tickets by clicking on the button at the top right of this page for full online booking via the Queen Mother Theatre Box Office. Telephone booking will open in September tel:01462 455166.

The Queen Mother Theatre
Walsworth Road
SG4 9SP 

Tickets are £12 for Wednesday and £14 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Order  early to make sure of a seat for this ever popular Lehar operetta.

Photos © Stephen Hoath

Sunday 24 July 2016

Merry Widow tickets now available!

The Queen Mother Theatre Box Office is now open for online booking! 

Tickets are £12 for Wednesday and £14 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Order  early to make sure of a seat for this ever popular Lehar operetta.

Telephone booking will open in September.
"The Merry Widow has been holding audiences spellbound since its premiere in 1905. 

This is the English version by Christopher Hassall and brings a wealth of romance and comedy easily identifiable to modern performers and audiences alike. 

Will Baron Zeta be able to convince the very rich and beautiful Hanna Glawari to marry a Pontevedrian suitor, Danilo, and keep her fortune within the country? Will she be able to convince Danilo, her old flame, that he won't be marrying her fortune as she will lose it when she remarries?
The sumptuous culture at the turn of the century in Europe provides the backdrop to this lavish story of love."

Thursday 21 July 2016

The Merry Widow

Our next production will be Franz Lehar's sparkling The Merry Widow, which we will be performing at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin on the 5th - 8th October 2016. Directed by Richard Syms, who nursed us through the tangles of Into the Woods with such spectacular results, 'Widow' will be a musical and dramatic feast featuring such well known songs such as 'Vilia' and 'Women, Women, Women'.
"Beautiful Anna’s late husband has left her a very rich woman. She’s so rich that the economy of Pontevedro depends on her marrying a local — so Baron Zeta springs into action with the help of his wife, Valencienne, to find Anna the right husband. It’s a tricky affair because Zeta wants it to be Count Danilo, an old flame, who has no intention of giving up bachelorhood, not with the Grisettes from Maxim’s around. Valencienne proposes Camille (who fancies Valencienne!) Rendezvous are rampant! Complications abound! Reputations are at stake and in the middle is poor Njegus, the Baron’s secretary, trying to prevent embarrassment all around. So who wins Anna’s heart? You’ll have to come and find out…."
All this and some spectacular Can Can dancing too! Watch this space for ticket information.

Friday 17 June 2016

Wolverton's Pirates of Penzance

Wolverton G&S are performing a semi-staged potted Pirates at Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes on Thursday 30th June - Friday 1st July. Several of our PBGS members are involved and we are promised an unusual take on Ruth!

Tickets available online from Stantonbury Theatre.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Pirton Players - The Accrington Pals

Pirton Players will be putting on The Acrington Pals from 29th June - 2nd July at Pirton Village Hall. There are PBGS members to support - Margaret Johnson is Directing the show and Alison Gibbs is in the cast!
The Accrington Pals is a 1981 play by Peter Whelan. It is based on the Accrington Pals unit in the First World War and contrasts life at the front and experiences in the 1916 Battle of the Somme with the women left behind in Accrington. 

Monday 9 May 2016

Merry Widow Cast

We now have a cast for our October 2016 production of The Merry Widow!

The trouble with auditions at PBGS is the high level of excellence which makes the job of the panel a difficult one. It's a tough but welcome challenge to face!

As usual the auditions brought out the best in our performers and we're very grateful for all of you who attended and came to support.

The cast for PBGS Merry Widow 2016 is as follows:

Male Roles
Camille de Rosillon - Joe Emler
Baron Mirko Zeta - David Crew
Count Danilo Danilovitch - Stephen Hoath
Raoul de St. Brioche - Roy Bride
Njegus - Barny Shergold

Female Roles
Valencienne - Elizabeth Bottone
Anna Glawari - Bryony Reynolds
Praskowia - Sue Wookey
Grisettes - Victoria Rehm, Katherine Crew, Emma Crew, Nicole Santelmann, Rhiannon Gibbs, Stevie Gibbs

There are a number of character roles which are still to be announced.

Our thanks once again for all the performers for delivering such high quality auditions and making our job very hard indeed!

Friday 6 May 2016

Merry Widow Auditions


Audition Information

It's almost time for auditions! You've all done very well at rehearsals and we hope most if not all of you will try out for a part. The auditions will be held between 3pm and 6pm on Sunday the 8th of May at:

Shillington Village Hall,
High Road,

We begin at 3pm promptly so please be there by 2.50pm so as not to disturb those auditioning. We hold open auditions which means anyone can turn up, fill in a form, pay their fee and audition. We encourage this so spread the message around if you think there's someone who should try out.

Auditioning is a fraught process for everyone 'up there' regardless of how many times we've all done it so please support the brave souls before you!
The Panel
Richard Syms - Director
Jane Stott - Musical Director
Paul Kerswill - In support of the Director
Khushil Dep - Committee representitive
T.B.D - In support of the Musical Director

What you will need
  • If you haven't already done so, please bring the audition form to hand into Khushil Dep.
  • Make sure you've put the dates during the rehearsal period you won't be available on that form.
  • If you aren't a member you'll also need to pay your £20 audition fee.
  • Your best foot forward!

How it will work

  • The order of auditions is decided on the day when we know the full list of people auditioning. If you need to leave by a certain time on that day please let Khushil Dep know and we will make adjustments where required.
  • You maybe called back to perform with various groups as the audition panel sees fit in order to determine you fit within a particular group.
  • While there is no official libretto audition you maybe asked to throw a few lines around from the lib.
  • You are allowed the use of your scores during your audition.
  • After all auditions are completed the panel will deliberate in private to create the official cast list. Those who have been selected for a part will be contacted directly and offered the role
  • Once all those offered the parts have accepted, a cast list will be circulated by e-mail as well as posted in the Membership group on Facebook and on our website.
  • There is no official feedback mechanism but feel free to politely enquire for feedback from either the Director or Musical Director at the next rehearsal you attend.


  • Please remember to turn off your mobile phones or put them into silent mode.
  • Please don't enter or leave the audition room during an audition as it's very distracting.
  • The hall is NON SMOKING which also means NO VAPING within the building please.

Break a leg everyone!


Review of Princess Ida

As you know, we regularly have our performances critiqued by Nova Horley our local NODA rep. We now have the Princess Ida crit and it's very complementary. If you'd like to know more about Nova and what she does in her capacity as our NODA rep, you can visit her website
PUTTERIDGE BURY G&S SOCIETY “PRINCESS IDA” 7th April 2016 Director/Choreographer: Alison Gibbs Overture Choreography: Gordon Hodges MD: Margaret Johnson

I really enjoyed this production, the overture was put to good use with a nicely thought out and executed ballet choreographed by Gordon Hodges, which got us into the mood of the production. 

Alison Gibbs brought out so much humour, it put the production on another level for me, and I chuckled my way through, with the many topical references and different characterisations.

Being in 3 Acts made it quite a long evening, and it would have been nice to have had a note in the programme as to how long each interval would be – then the audience could have decided which one they wanted to avail themselves of, as there was some confusion to start with, and I think that made the interval unnecessarily long. 

Costumes were very colourful and looked good – a small note for the men – their first costumes would have benefitted from them wearing the tights they wore with their second costumes, as short black socks did not look good! I liked the ladies wigs and hairstyles with their first costumes, and the headdresses with their second, creating a very different look – which helped the plot along. I was a little perplexed by Princess Ida’s dress, it seemed very plain and not in keeping with the style of the other ladies dresses, and just struck a rather incongruous note, it looked much better with the green tabard in Act 3. 

The backdrops were almost fantasy-land in look, but were very pretty and I particularly liked the single blue lighting used in Act 2 Finale, and for Princess Ida’s song in Act 3 which changed the colouring of the backdrop completely, along with Ida being in a spotlight, creating a very good atmosphere, as did the pink lighting in the opening of Act 3. Lighting generally from Alan Bailes was nicely conceived and enhanced the production look and feel. I liked the lighting for the fight too. 

Sound is never a problem at the QM – as no visible mics are used, and the band is heard as is, with no additional amplification that I could see. 

Margaret Johnson had worked well with the cast to get some nice harmonies, and different expressions into the music, which helped make it seem fresh and interesting. 

Paula Fraser again showed her accomplishment and understanding of G&S with her portrayal of Princess Ida – good relationships with the other cast members, and moments of tenderness with Hilarion, which contrasted well with her rather warlike tendencies otherwise. 

I loved Hilarion as played by Gordon Hodges, I am aware that he was working under some difficulty, but it didn’t show, and he couldn’t have done more to bring this character to life. The slightly camp and balletic interpretation worked well with Florian and Cyril, making them a nicely diverse trio. I thought Gordon also showed his very good singing voice off extremely well, with expressive elements and good phrasing. 

Florian was the more mature and robust member of the trio, played very well by Stephen Hoath, trying to curb the eagerness of Hilarion and Cyril – I enjoyed his interpretation and singing.

Joe Emler was a super enthusiastic Cyril, such energy, which added so much to what could have been a rather insignificant character – a good all round portrayal, delivered with gusto. 

David Crew played King Hildebrand, bringing his usual gravitas and understanding to the role. Beautifully sung, and well-acted. I liked the movement in his first number with the chorus.

Paul Kerswill gave King Gama an almost Shakespearean Richard III look – and a very mean character – which sat well against Hildebrand’s very upright stance – again creating good diversity. I loved the trio of soldiers, played by Ian Boughton, Barny Shergold and Peter Johnson – it must have been such fun (although a little restricting in the suits of armour) to have played the parts, and their first song was particularly funny. Their chains needed sorting so that they actually looked is if they were being restrained, but otherwise it all worked well. 

Jo Bigg created a lovely Lady Psyche, soft and interesting, whilst Margaret Snape was the strict and conniving Lady Blanche – I loved the way she manipulated her cloak so that she exited with a flourish after her Act 2 number, the tin hat with the a sparkling ornament also created a good look! 

Lovely to see Emma and Katherine Crew on stage with their father, and creating two charming but different characters in Melissa and Chloe. I liked Katharine’s very warlike facial expressions, and Emma’s delightful smile. 

Nicole Santelmann maintained a good accent as Sacharissa, whilst Ketina Orriss was an appealing Ada. 

The ensemble including the dancers, were very well rehearsed, and their faces showed their enjoyment, which isn’t always evident in G&S, with Alison Gibbs creating simple but effective choreography for the cast. 

Overall a very enjoyable evening – a good production with loads of humour and interest. My thanks to PBGS for their hospitality, always good to catch up with society members.
© Nova Horley

Saturday 16 April 2016

Merry Widow Launch Night

While we still bask in the glow of our recent successful production of Princess Ida, it's now time to launch our next production, The Merry Widow, which we will be presenting from the 5th - 8th October, 2016 at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin. We welcome Richard Syms (Into The Woods) back as our Director and welcome a new Musical Director Jane Stott for this much anticipated production.

Our show launch date is Tuesday the 19th of April and we hope to welcome as many of you as possible to meet Richard and Jane and to sing through some of the beautiful music in this operetta. There'll be full details of auditions provided on this evening as well as some overall guidance on the vision Richard and Jane have for our treatment of this show.

Director Richard Syms
Musical Director Jane Stott

If you have thought about joining PBGS this will be a wonderful opportunity to come along and meet the company. We rehearse from 7.45 at Streatley Village Hall just north of Luton. You will find location details on our Contact Us page here. You are welcome to just come and introduce yourself, or ring us on 07956 678720 for information. We would love to see you. And if you are not a performer but love all the behind-the-scenes stuff we always need help with costumes, scenery and all the backstage work which needs doing!


Thursday 14 April 2016

A message from our Presidents

A lovely message from our Presidents, Anne and Tony Critchley
We wanted to thank you all for your efforts with “Princess Ida”. We felt that it was the most entertaining version we have seen, with some innovative ideas to keep the interest going. The costumes and wigs were fine – even with the problems we heard about later! The singing was with enthusiasm and excellent diction which we felt essential for telling the story. One of the audience said to me “We come to see PBGS because they do not use microphones and you can hear every word that they sing”. Praise indeed!! So carry on the good work! We look forward to the next show and hope you think all the hard work is worth it – we did and gained such pleasure from it and felt privileged in watching it too.

The acting showed good reactions all the way through which is often lacking, particularly with the chorus work, so very well done to everyone.

Very best wishes to you all,

Anne & Tony

Photos © Stephen Hoath

Sunday 10 April 2016

A big thank you to our audiences!

A big thank you to our audiences for coming in droves to the Queen Mother Theatre this week to see our production of Princess Ida - your support and enjoyment meant that we had a wonderful time and it was great to see all our hard work being so appreciated. A big thank you too to Alison Gibbs who gave us such a fantastic production and to Margaret Johnson for ensuring we were all at our musical best. I think you'll all agree that we managed to climb those 'Empyrean Heights' that Ida thought so highly of!

Our next production will be Franz Lehar's sparkling The Merry Widow, a show that we are very much looking forward to presenting to you on the 5th - 8th October at the Queen Mother Theatre. Full of gorgeous music, wit and dancing, The Merry Widow is enduringly popular. If you would like to join PBGS on stage or behind the scenes for this production we would love to hear from you! PBGS always welcomes new members and you can contact us by ringing 07956 678720 or emailing us at

Photos © Stephen Hoath

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Our name's up in lights!

There is still time to buy tickets for tonight's opening performance of Princess Ida. Only £12 for an evening of Women's Lib, sword fights, monkeys (!) and general Medieval Mayhem! Fabulous music, gorgeous costumes and the best of Gilbert's razor sharp wit.

Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin 6th-9th April.


Monday 28 March 2016

Princess Ida opens next week!

Ida (Paula Fraser) educates her 'Fair Neophytes'
Our latest production of Princess Ida opens on the 6th April at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin. Produced by Alison Gibbs and under the baton of our MD Margaret Johnson this is going to be a spectacular show full of some of Sullivan's best music.

Ida was G&S's eighth collaboration, opening at the Savoy Theatre in 1884 and running for 246 performances. Gilbert turned his razor wit on some of the major issues of the day - women's education, the rise of feminism and Darwinism. Princess Ida runs a women's university at Castle Adamant and teaches that man is the source of all ills. That, indeed, he is no more than a 'monkey shaved'. But three young men disguised as women have invaded their hallowed halls and one of them, Prince Hilarion, was betrothed to her when she was only one year old. He wants to win her hand hoping she will fall in love with him, but when his father arrives with an army to enforce the marriage Ida decides to fight. But not all the ladies are so ready to go to war...

It's war with King Hildebrand (David Crew)
Based on Gilbert's own earlier burlesque of Tennyson's poem The Princess-A Medley, Princess Ida is the only G&S opera written entirely (and brilliantly) in blank verse and the only opera they wrote in three acts. Sullivan produced some of his finest music, including 'The world is but a broken toy', considered by many to be one of his most beautiful melodies.

Our own production, which runs from the 6th - 9th April, brings all that you'd expect from a PBGS production - outstanding singing, chorus's to lift the roof off, plenty of humour and some spectacular costumes. Time to book your ticket if you haven't already done so!

Stephen Hoath as Prince Florian

Monday 14 March 2016

Princess Ida in rehearsal!

Not long now until our fabulous production of Princess Ida! As you can see rehearsals are coming along with lots of movement including sword fighting and even some ballet. Tickets now available direct from the PBGS Box Office or direct from the Queen Mother Theate, Hitchin.

Our Producer Alison Gibbs shows the ladies chorus how it's done!
The men 'love the jolly rattle of an ordeal by battle'
We even have some ballet!

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Local Shows

A couple of local productions to enjoy before our own fabulous production of Princess Ida kicks off on 6th - 9th April (have you booked your tickets yet?). PBGS members are taking part in two shows this month:

Wolverton G&S are presenting The Mikado 7.30pm 15th to 19th March 2016 at the Stantonbury Campus Theatre, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes, MK14 6BN.

And HLOS are presenting The Wedding Singer on the 14th - 19th March at Harpenden Public Halls.

Monday 18 January 2016

Princess Ida Box Office now open!

Our PBGS Box Office is now open for Princess Ida! Book early to be sure of a ticket for what promises to be a fabulous production.

Princess Ida is Gilbert and Sullivan's epic battle of the sexes which unfolds when Prince Hilarion arrives to claim his bride promised in childhood. But Princess Ida has established a school for ladies in Castle Adamant and men are forbidden! Will love triumph as the sexes go to war? Terrific music, comedy, swordfights and cross-dressing for all the family!

Follow the link below or on the top right of this page to be taken to our secure booking page. For any queries or special requirements please ring PBGS on 07946 264886 or email PBGS at