Monday 9 May 2016

Merry Widow Cast

We now have a cast for our October 2016 production of The Merry Widow!

The trouble with auditions at PBGS is the high level of excellence which makes the job of the panel a difficult one. It's a tough but welcome challenge to face!

As usual the auditions brought out the best in our performers and we're very grateful for all of you who attended and came to support.

The cast for PBGS Merry Widow 2016 is as follows:

Male Roles
Camille de Rosillon - Joe Emler
Baron Mirko Zeta - David Crew
Count Danilo Danilovitch - Stephen Hoath
Raoul de St. Brioche - Roy Bride
Njegus - Barny Shergold

Female Roles
Valencienne - Elizabeth Bottone
Anna Glawari - Bryony Reynolds
Praskowia - Sue Wookey
Grisettes - Victoria Rehm, Katherine Crew, Emma Crew, Nicole Santelmann, Rhiannon Gibbs, Stevie Gibbs

There are a number of character roles which are still to be announced.

Our thanks once again for all the performers for delivering such high quality auditions and making our job very hard indeed!

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