Friday 29 September 2017

A funny thing happened... we open next week!

Not long now! We can't wait to present this show to you - hilarious farce, mistaken identities, conniving slaves, dancing courtesans, love, lust and wonderful Sondheim music. It really has 'something for everyone, a comedy tonight'! Our cast have worked very hard and are hoping all our PBGS regulars will support us. And tell all your friends because this will be a great night out.
Sondheim’s uproarious tribute to ancient Roman theatre and classic vaudeville follows crafty slave Pseudolus as he seeks to win his freedom by helping his hapless master woo the virgin courtesan next door who has, unfortunately, been promised to another suitor.

Hysteria ensues with a nagging wife, a war-drunk soldier and stolen twins! Filled with mistaken identities, clever wordplay, and slamming doors, Broadway’s favourite musical farce stands the test of time, combining fast-paced, irreverent humour with witty, upbeat music to deliver “something for everyone, a comedy tonight!”
Forum will be on at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin from 4th - 7th October. Tickets are still available, especially for Saturday night. Click the 'Buy' button below to be sure of your seat.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Forum Rehearsal photos

Bryony Reynolds as Pseudolous
Some great photos of our Sunday rehearsal taken by member Stephen Hoath. We are having huge fun working on 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' and are really looking forward to presenting it to you in October. It's full of wonderful Sondheim tunes and has a madcap plot which has had us in stitches. It has 'Nothing that's formal, nothing that's normal, something for everyone, a comedy tonight!' Sums it up really! Pseudolous, a Roman slave, tries to gain her freedom through a series of ever more convoluted fibs. 'Pantaloons and tunics, courtesans and eunuchs, funerals and chases, baritones and basses...' you name it, we've got it. Forum will be on at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin from 4th - 7th October. Click the 'Buy' button below to be sure of your seat.

Joe Emler as Hero and Elle-Louise Berrie as Philia
Barny Shergold as Miles Gloriosus
Bryony Reynolds as Pseudolous, Elle-Louise Berrie as Philia, Jon Newham as Erronius, Barny Shergold as Miles Gloriosus and Peter Sayers as Senex
With Director Mandy Sayers and MD Jane Stott

Saturday 2 September 2017

Forum Photoshoot!

A few of us got together for some Roman shenanigans in fabulous Wrest Park last weekend, trying to capture the madcap spirit of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum without frightening the visitors!

We romped around the Roman Columns of the Bowling Green House (very grand), said hello to a few urns and outdid Benny Hill chasing each other around assorted statues. We even persuaded a few visitors to come to the show! If you were wondering why there was a Roman Soldier ambling alongside the Long Water, now you know.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is a fast paced farce that promises to have audiences rolling on the floor. Taken straight from the roots of comedy, Forum combines the ancient comedies of Plautus with a vaudevillian delivery. The Slave Pseudolos schemes to win the heart of the beautiful virgin, Philia, for his young master, Hero. In exchange, Hero will grant Pseudolos his freedom once and for all. However, things are never as easy as they seem. Chaos ensues with hair-brained schemes, cases of mistaken identity, slamming doors and convoluted plot twists. One of the funniest musicals ever written, Forum promises '"something for everyone: a comedy tonight!"
 On at the Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin from the 4th - 7th October, including a Saturday Matinee.

Book your tickets now direct from The Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin by clicking wherever you see our BUY button.