Sunday 24 July 2016

Merry Widow tickets now available!

The Queen Mother Theatre Box Office is now open for online booking! 

Tickets are £12 for Wednesday and £14 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Order  early to make sure of a seat for this ever popular Lehar operetta.

Telephone booking will open in September.
"The Merry Widow has been holding audiences spellbound since its premiere in 1905. 

This is the English version by Christopher Hassall and brings a wealth of romance and comedy easily identifiable to modern performers and audiences alike. 

Will Baron Zeta be able to convince the very rich and beautiful Hanna Glawari to marry a Pontevedrian suitor, Danilo, and keep her fortune within the country? Will she be able to convince Danilo, her old flame, that he won't be marrying her fortune as she will lose it when she remarries?
The sumptuous culture at the turn of the century in Europe provides the backdrop to this lavish story of love."

Thursday 21 July 2016

The Merry Widow

Our next production will be Franz Lehar's sparkling The Merry Widow, which we will be performing at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin on the 5th - 8th October 2016. Directed by Richard Syms, who nursed us through the tangles of Into the Woods with such spectacular results, 'Widow' will be a musical and dramatic feast featuring such well known songs such as 'Vilia' and 'Women, Women, Women'.
"Beautiful Anna’s late husband has left her a very rich woman. She’s so rich that the economy of Pontevedro depends on her marrying a local — so Baron Zeta springs into action with the help of his wife, Valencienne, to find Anna the right husband. It’s a tricky affair because Zeta wants it to be Count Danilo, an old flame, who has no intention of giving up bachelorhood, not with the Grisettes from Maxim’s around. Valencienne proposes Camille (who fancies Valencienne!) Rendezvous are rampant! Complications abound! Reputations are at stake and in the middle is poor Njegus, the Baron’s secretary, trying to prevent embarrassment all around. So who wins Anna’s heart? You’ll have to come and find out…."
All this and some spectacular Can Can dancing too! Watch this space for ticket information.