Saturday 18 December 2021

Look what we’ve got! Jingle those bells, our CD recording of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Sorcerer has arrived! They will be on sale in 2022, so watch this space in the New Year for full details on how to order your copy. We are also working on our recording of Trial by Jury which will be released not long after Sorcerer, so there will be two fantastic productions to look forward to. These are the shows which we should have performed as a double bill in March 2020 when the first Covid lockdown struck. Alas, we never made it past our tech rehearsal so it's good to have all those fantastic performances on record even if they never made the stage!
2021 has been a another difficult year for performers but together we managed to create something wonderful. It has been an amazing experience making a professional recording so many, many thanks to everyone who made this possible. What a way to celebrate our 50th Anniversary!