Wednesday 22 August 2012

Reviews: Yeoman and The Grand Duke

Richard D has sent us a link to a review by Rupert Christiansen of the Telegraph of the BBC Proms Yeomen of the Guard:
Here, outstandingly, we had the magisterial Felicity Palmer as Dame Carruthers, that expressive and stylish tenor Andrew Kennedy as Colonel Fairfax, and the assured Heather Shipp as the flirtatiously resourceful Phoebe Meryll. The most strikingly original interpretation came from Mark Stone, who played Jack Point younger and jauntier than usual, making his final collapse all the more moving for being unexpected.....
You can read the full review here. Don't forget that it's being broadcast on BBC2 this Saturday!

I also have another Rupert Christiansen Telegraph review of The Grand Duke at the Buxton International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival. Christiansen points out that this was 'a historic occasion: the first staged professional production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s final collaboration since its premiere in 1896'. As you might expect, the Grand Duke itself garners little praise:
After the opening, the pair never spoke to each other again. The result of these tensions is a rather plodding and joyless affair that gives the distinct impression of having been created on autopilot.
But he gives the company credit for doing:
a sterling job of trying to pump some life into the corpse, in front of a full house generous with its applause.
You can read the full Grand Duke review here.

Thank you Richard!


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