Wednesday 5 May 2021

PBGS 50 Years Singing #4: Moving to Campus West

Yeomen at Campus West in 1996

Throughout the 1990s PBGS continued to grow in reputation and in membership. In 1996 we made the ambitious decision to move our bigger spring shows to the larger venue of the Campus West Theatre, Welwyn Garden City, opening with a large-scale production of Yeomen of the Guard. For the first time we had the space to sing with a ‘full band’, to quote the Duchess of Plaza Toro, and enjoyed singing this wonderful score with a full orchestra. The larger stage and better facilities also offered scope for ambitious productions such as Carmen (1997) and The Merry Widow (1999). As our horizons expanded we found new audiences and drew our growing membership from throughout Herts and Beds, with some members coming from even further afield.

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