Saturday 21 December 2019

PBGS shows praised in the Luton News Review of the Year

Well this is a nice Christmas Present! Both of PBGS's 2019 shows feature in Nova Horley's review of the year's highlights for the Luton News:

"Musical of the Year must go to Dunstable Musical Theatre Company for their production of “Cats”.... My runners up are “Swing, Swing, Swing” from St Andrew’s Players, a musical memory of the Andrews Sisters written by Richard Cowling, and “Iolanthe” from Putteridge Bury G&S Society, colourful and well-crafted productions both musically and visually."

"Best Ensemble in a Play or Musical goes to St Andrew’s Players for “Swing, Swing, Swing”... followed by “Cats” from DMTC and “The Grand Duke” from PBGS. Very diverse productions, but ones that I felt created a real feel of what was intended by the writers."

"Best Musical Director must be Graham Thomson in the little known G&S “The Grand Duke” from PBGS, very good musically, first class dynamics and ensemble participation."

Well done everyone! What a lovely tribute to a year of hard work and dedication and a large dose of fun. You can read Nova's full review here.

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