Monday 26 June 2017

Comedy Tonight

Our rehearsals for our next show A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum are well underway. Here we are setting the opening number 'Comedy Tonight'. 'Nothing that's formal, nothing that's normal, something for everyone, a comedy tonight!' Sums it up really! Forum is madcap from beginning to end as the slave, Pseudolous, tries to gain his (her?!) freedom through a series of ever more convoluted fibs. 'Pantaloons and tunics, courteseans and eunuchs, funerals and chases, baritones and basses...' you name it, we've got it. Foum will be on at The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin from 4th - 7th October. Booking opens in a few weeks so watch this space!

Richard Fraser as Marcus Lycus with a bevy of beauties
Bryony Reynolds as Pseudolous
Photos: Stephen Hoath

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