Wednesday 12 June 2013

We're looking for a T-I-M-O-THY!!!

PBGS is performing Salad Days at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin during the week of the 7th October and we have not yet cast the male lead role of Timothy. So as well as "Looking for a p-i-a-n-o" we are looking for a Timothy!

Salad Days is set in the 1950's and posh BBC english is a must! It's all about a couple who leave university and are pressured into marriage (Jane) and work (Tim). They decide the best thing to do to keep their parents off their backs is to marry each other (even though they are not in love) and look after a tramp's piano for £7 a week as work. They then discover that the piano makes everyone dance when it is played and they become notorious through London, being chased by the Police and the Minister of Pleasure and Pastimes who wants to stop everyone enjoying themselves. There are lots of cameos, comedic scenes, silly songs and lively dancing thoughout the show.

Timothy has just left university and should be a stage age between 20 - 30! He has a lot of dialogue, some songs of a baritone range (although no solos) and a bit of movement/dancing although there is no need for them to be trained. Could suit someone seeking to develop their performances beyond smaller, supporting roles as Timothy is on stage for about 75% of the show.

If you are interested or can think of anyone that would be suitable to perform in our show, please contact our Secretary Paula Fraser on 07956 678720 or email


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