Friday 21 July 2023

PBGS Performance Nominations!

Our NODA East - District 3 representative, Nova Horley, has made her personal nominations for this year’s best local musical Am Dram performers and contributors, onstage and off, and there are a lot of PBGS nominations this year! Huge congratulations to:

Best Actress: Emma Crew as Phoebe in "The Yeomen of the Guard"
Best Performance in a Musical: David Crew & Sue Wookey as Sergeant Meryl & Dame Carruthers in "The Yeomen of the Guard"
Most Innovative Director: Katharine Crew for “HMS Pinafore”
Most Innovative Production Team Contribution: Margaret Johnson, MD for “HMS Pinafore”
Best Costumes: Manda Fraser & Katharine Crew "The Yeomen of the Guard"

Congratulations are also due to PBGS Member Bryony Reynolds who picked up performance and costume nominations in two productions with other groups, TADS and Parodos Theatre School.
It’s a wonderful tribute to all the stellar performers and varied talents that PBGS has in its ranks. Well done  all round and many thanks to Nova!
You will find the nomination post here with details of all this year’s nominees! 
Emma Crew as Phoebe

David Crew as Sergeant Meryll and Sue Wookey as Dame Carruthers

Katharine Crew, HMS Pinafore Director 

Margaret Johnson, HMS Pinafore Musical Director

Manda Fraser, Yeomen Costumes

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