Sunday 18 November 2018

Gala concert on Sunday 25th in Ampthill

Rehearsing with Ampthill Concert Orchestra
Great rehearsal today for this fabulous Gala Concert with Ampthill Concert Orchestra and Redborne School Choir on 25th November. It was great to sing O Fortuna at full fff volume with the orchestra going full blast. That blew the cobwebs off the ceiling! And our men's chorus got to sing 'A Wandering Minstrel, I' with International tenor Bonaventura Bottone, the original Nanki Poo from Joanthan Millar's Black and White Mikado. This is a lovely programme of Verdi, Puccini, Orff, a bit of our usual G&S and much much more. Please support us and all the young people from Redborne School Choir for a great evening of music.

Tickets available through Eventbrite.

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