Wednesday 13 February 2013

Triple Bill Booking

Booking for our Triple Bill of Trial By Jury, Cox and Box and The Zoo has now opened at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin. Our shows are very popular, so we recommend booking early to make sure that you get the nights you want!

You can also obtain tickets from PBGS on 07946 264886 or by emailing

Booking forms will soon be available from PBGS and are available for download in PDF format here:

Booking Form Front
Booking Form Reverse

The Triple Bill includes a new take on that old favourite, Trial by Jury. If you think you've seen it all before, wait until you see our new production where Cinderella will be suing Prince Charming for Breach of Promise of Marriage. With The Fairy Godmother as Cinderella's Counsel, and the Wicked Queen judging, will they all live happily every after?

Cox and Box is a gem of comic interplay and timing. Two men, one working days and one working nights, unwittingly rent one room from their crafty landlord, Bouncer. On one fateful day they meet face to face and all kinds of surprises ensue.

The Zoo is a Sullivan musical delight. Set in London Zoo, two sets of lovers play out their tangled stories in the unlikely company of a full chorus, the bears, the baboons, the 'strong racoon'  and the 'gentle armadillo'.


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