Wednesday 9 May 2012

Merrie England at Wolverton

Wolverton G&S are presenting Merrie England on 26 May at St George's Church Wolverton. Click on the poster to enlarge it for full details! The music for Merrie England is wonderful and this is a rare chance to hear it. The Show has rousing chorus's and a story filled with intrigue and romance set in the court of Good Queen Bess:
'Merrie England is an English comic opera that concerns love and rivalries at the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Queen is jealous of Sir Walter Raleigh’s affection for Bessie Throckmorton, her lady in waiting, whilst Essex has his own romantic designs on the Queen. Throw in a bratish May Queen, a mad woman and her cat, a witch hunt, Robin Hood, a dragon, a deluded Shakespearian actor, several songs about fish, Herne the Hunter and morris dancing and you’re guarenteed some right royal Tudor mayhem.

Songs from the opera include "O Peaceful England", “God Bless Elizabeth” and "The Yeomen of England”.'
Paula Fraser is singing Bessie Throckmorton, and Louise Thonger and Graham Breeze will also be familiar faces to PBGS followers!

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