Monday, 23 May 2011

Show taster results

The Show Taster results are in, after an entertaining evening sampling a variety of shows and some really fun presentations. This is a provisional list as the Autumn shows depend on the availability of performing licenses, but here is the master plan so far, based on popularity:
Spring 2012 (April) - Patience
Autumn 2012 (October) - Jack the Ripper (The Musical)
Spring 2013 (April) - The Zoo, Cox and Box, Trial by Jury
Autumn 2013 (October) - Salad Days
It looks like we have a very exciting two years ahead, both for audiences and the Society!

Here are some links with more information about the shows:

Salad Days:   Guide to Musical Theatre
Patience:   The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
The Zoo:   The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
Cox and Box: The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
Trial by Jury: The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

 The cover of the original cast recording
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